As a professional real estate broker for over 15 years who has specialized in new construction, I am honored to represent Finnegan Development, a company that shares the same core values as I do.

We believe in the value of long-term relationships and understand that reputations are earned. Our business models place a strong emphasis on providing the type of service, high-quality and trustworthiness that result in referral-based business.

Finnegan development has distinguished itself it the marketplace with a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who enjoy establishing a partnership with their clients. They are skillful and accommodating and work with their clients toward creating a family’s dream home, while providing attention to detail and design. As part of their design vision for this project, they have joined with Erin Gates Design. Finnegan Development and Erin Gates Design – two companies that exceed the clients’ expectations will set the standard in Lexington’s newest neighborhood…… and I am most pleased to work with them.